sebuah kutipan

pernah suatu waktu yang lalu saya terlibat sebuah konflik dalam hubungan pertemanan, dan seorang sahabat memberikan sebuah nasihat yang sangat baik, yang saya simpan hingga saat ini, beginilah kurang lebih kutipannya;

"nah itu lah yg seringkali jd jeleknya pria
mereka merasa punya solusi atas semua masalah
kalo wanita ga minta saran, mending kita jgn kasih saran
lebih bijak kalo mau jd pendengar yg baik"


the untitled old story

I woke up at ten
Actually I can hear moms laughing at nine
but i'm to lazy ..
there were something that burden my head
then i wash my face, got a dish
turn on the keyboard, play some song

here in front of me,
it was a view
an obscene from an obsolence thing
sweet cup of a coffee
old book of chords
and sheet of paper

it's time to bath
tweleve o clock,
and i've got something to do.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Do = F

It's been a while when you're on,
It's been a while when you're high,
You take your time and make yourself easy..

Laying head..into valley
Stretching legs..along river
Then rolling it with trendy candyskin

At this time you'll write a simple first song
Look for the rhyme and let it flowww uppp
You can make it, yes you will be make it!

Getting easy like a sunday morning
Feeling easy on a monday morning

You write a line about a life.
A line of poet becoming song.
With paint, you pour some colour on a line.

And after that you get guitar,
Fill the empty bar with piano.
You've got the riff..and you've got that feeling!

It's easier than you've guess before,
Reflects your feeling or even what are you doing right now,
Remember that.


The Untoucable

Oh my beautiful thing..

Shining like a sun
Brightening like a star
Sparkling like a diamond
Colorful like a rainbow

Red is rose
Yellow is desert
Green is forest

I am seeing all at my sight
And the sky is becoming clear

But, in front of me
Standing up the highest mountain to be conquered

Far away on the top, someone is waiting
Wondering me if i could climb up

This person is so kind
Giving me an aid
Pouring down the river with the pure water
To get my strength back
And the importance is giving me the FAITH

Hold on there dear..
I will reach you my untouchable!
My beautiful lovely thing on earth
The next destiny of my life pursuit


Unsatisfied Me

I'm sorry ..
for being so emotional which have consequences to lost my logic,
I'm sorry ..
I can't control my eager desire,
and if those bad habit comes

Pardon me ..
If i could get failed on the exam,
and i have been fired from my job
I know ..
I know we cannot always get what we want
I cannot always be the perfect one
even she told me that
But I want!
I want to be a Hero!
Bring the revolution
and change the world

I'm so ugly so you are
I'm feel sorrow
And so do you

Pity me, Poor me, Pain me

But it's okay ...



Is there anybody is going to listen to my story?
It's all abour a girl you want so much,
But is makes you feel sorry for a reason.

She's the kind of girl which stay every night
the one that you remember everytime you woke up
as a matter of fact, she is dancing on your head all day

And then she whispered, she care about me
she said obviously, she likes me
she want us to be unseparated like the flower and the bee

But i'm just a lad, mate..
just my luck for became on her side
Yes I am, No I am Not

It's fool for being like a half man
waiting to turn left or turn right?
I'm the rider but she's the driver

What should you do when your heart and your mind resisting?
She told me that girls act from heart but boys act from mind
My mind and my heart told me the opposite word & feel

This isn't just for her, This is about me
something that called "self ego" to fullfill my ambition
pathetic me for feel sorry to leave her..



So this time is for my queen
It is about a girl
that i've met on a street
Looked shy and ordinary
But i had pretty strong feeling that she's not just an usual one,
but the extraordinary one, the uniq and the mysterious one.

And she's grow up now
like a woman
pretty lovely woman
with an interesting personality

Sometimes i might forget about her identity
but i still remember her flattered smile..

I'm sorry if i've lost control
I could love her but i can't

It was a moment when she's been crying out
she ran to me as as i'm her father
throw all the scarp to me
then i caress her head like i'm her brother.


Melancholia On Unrescued World

I've seen some child playing arround near the cross road,
Watching every little step they did
Somehow it attracted me,,

A couple children had been there
Looks like the big one as a brother
and the cute one as a sister
They were going to play on their world
laugh & shout.

The brother was so gentle, hug the sister when she's cried
and so did the sister, wipe the brother's face when he's sweat
Very lovely.

They were singing from another bus to another bus
asking every people to give them some cash

Still, my eyes have been capture each moment..
And if those people had no cash
they would smile and thank to another
who gave money.

Those glace smile has kept continously occured
from the frontline to the backline,
I was on the post back seat.

Seems like the sister had a sense from being spy by me
she asked me "what's up my bro?"
and i said "you guys are cute. where do you live sweetheart?"
"here, there, everywhere. I only have my brother."
At that time, my heart has stop from breathing and get ready to explode..
She left me with the greatest smile made from heaven that i would never forget...
Moment that always ashamed me when i remembered her smile,
Thank God, you give me a pleasure to arrange this "special" meeting.


sleepy boy

It's wednesday when my eyes seems to having tons of burden
When my head nodding up and down
Signing the silence that i've been fall

The quite girl was sitting next to me
I asked her about to borrowed her books
But she decline me

I hate this situation,
wathing the same old story
in front of my view,
again and again.
I can't stand these eyes from wathing the epic story
that always had the same theme which is bitter & ironic

I don't know why..?
but it's hard to make it clear
when you're on a high and sleepy

It's time for me to take some peace
ran out from the riotinisnm
listen to a song that set me free
and get into the lullaby melody.

good night~

Jealous Guy

I was dreaming of the past..
And my heart is beating fast..
I began to lose control...
I began to lose control....

I didn't meant to hurt you..
I'm sorry that i've made you cry....
I didn't meant to hurt you..
I'm just a jealous guy.

I was feeling insecure..
You might not love me anymore..
I was hivering inside...
I was hivering inside....


I was try to catch your eyes..
Thought that you was trying to hide..
I was swallowing inside...
I was swallowing inside....

I didn't meant to hurt you..
I'm sorry that i've made you cry....
I didn't meant to hurt you..
I'm just a jealous guy.
john lennon